Thursday, February 1, 2018

Speedplay vs. Toronto Cycles

Speedplay vs. Toronto Cycles
    It seems the time for Speedplay to launch legal claims again. Back in 2011 many companies and riders (Including myself) experienced Speedplay pushing legal claims on anybody making replacement parts or even selling used items on eBay.
    I just received a legal demand from Speedplay that all items related to them be removed. This includes bearings, bolts and all accessories.
Was wondering why is Speedplay the the only company that does this? I never heard about this with Shimano, Sram, Toyota, Honda or any company that makes replacement parts when those replacement parts are clearly aftermarket and in many cases items the original company does not produce.

Any thoughts on this? I can post the claim if your guys like.

Since I have been having so many responses (It seems many end customers have also been attacked) I will start a page on this topic.

Speedplay's Legal Goon Squad - Cyclingnews Forum


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Welcome CastorVelo to Our Product Line

CastorVelo is a new locally made product line and has released a new line of cork wrapped saddles with titanium rails.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bit Coin Soon to be Accepted

In October I am planning on accepting bitcoin for Toronto Cycles purchases.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Profanity Filter

    We have recently implemented a profanity filter for emails. If you use language that is of this nature your emails will be automatically blocked. 
    I personally find this type of language is inappropriate via text and has been used excessively by trolling type people, in our day to day lives is common to curse on occasion but is different in verbal communication. Problems will not be solved by cursing at me nor will any practical business.
    If your email or business name contains a curse word it might be blocked. Please send an email from a different company account. For example a company called "SHITE INDUSTRIES" will be blocked (A better name might be a wise decision). I can remove the filter for your company in this case. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Measuring Chain Ring Bolts

     There is some confusion over Chain Ring bolts on bicycles. Below I wrote some information that can also be found here:How To Measure Bolts

There are 2 main types of chain ring bolts.

For road and track applications you want to use "singles". This 

attaches a single chain ring to the crank spider. Closed spacing is 
about 4mm.
For Downhill and MTB you want doubles. This attaches 2 chain 
rings to the spider. Closed spacing is about 6.2 to 6.8mm.
Spacing: The spacing needs to be less than the chain ring stack to 
it will tighten properly.
Inner chain rings use a "Granny Bolt" and no nut is needed. This 
bolt is about 10mm long.
Hex Backed Bolts  These have a short bolt section and cannot be 
used with much over a 8mm gap. The bolt doesn't have as much 
Slotted back nuts allow a much longer bolt and can handle chain 
ring spacings between 6.2mm to 11mm.
The head of these bolts will engage with the outside chain ring to 
center if the nut is not long enough.
All are 8mm bolts - 0.75 pitch (Extra fine)
Nuts are made to be in a 10mm bore.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

TiGr Titanium Locks - Mini and Mini Plus

TiGr locks we have in stock. These are the newest model and the Plus version is only available at: TiGr Titanium_Locks