Monday, December 29, 2014

Precision Billet Derailleurs - Our other Website

Our new Precision Billet derailleurs are ready for sale. We will be selling these at our other website : www.Precision

    These are medium caged units and will work with all shifters. The originals were used on 6, 7 and 8 speeds but I used mine on a 10 speed. These weigh in at about 147 grams with the carbon plates, all titanium, carbon and aluminum hardware (Steel springs though because the ti ones dont have much tension). Optional Baked PTFE coating, titanium anodizing, alloy cage plates, ceramic bearings and titanium springs.
Teal anodizing from Anodize World!
     Anodizing is done in house and can do some custom colors for an additional charge. More details will be posted on the new site as well as parts and instructions.
     We haven't set a final price but will be in the low 200's and might have an intro sale.