Friday, February 26, 2016

New Website: Revolver Toys

We have opened a new website for some toys that we will be producing. This is geared at the executive end of the market with high quality cnc desktop toys. The website is in development and will be a very simple site.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Anodizing Tips: Calling in the Store for Advise

      I've been getting too many calls into the store for setup on anodizing. There's a few issues that I almost always encounter. I placed these below and some rules to the process. Anodizing is really complex and too much time can be wasted. I'm very busy and the long phone calls isn't my thing.
1. Almost nobody has read the setup and tips I post on the blog before calling.
2. Almost everyone tells me what they read somewhere else, often times these things make no sense. Many forum people have no experience or will intentionally advise wrongly in order to deter future anodizers. I already know how to anodize so informing me of what you have heard doesn't mean much to me.
3. I will always ask the following so please know this: Volts, Amps, Tank temperature, Acid ratio, Time, Part Size, Type of aluminum (if you know...not all alloy is the same). I will also ask what you have purchased from the website. I reserve advise for paying customers only. I cannot help if you have no info on your setup...know the above!
4. Please have a pencil and paper so if I advise you on the phone you remember and don't need to keep calling back asking the same questions.
5. If you like to do a way other than I advise then I cannot help. Arguing with me on the phone is not good.
6. I cannot spend an hour micro-detailing the process.
    Rookie Problems:
#1 Not reading what I have posted / Ignoring what you have read.
#2 Acid is way too strong in ratio
#3 Using constant amps
#4 Way over complicating the process / Overthinking
#5 Lack of patience
#6 Arguing with experienced people.