Saturday, May 30, 2015

Contact Toronto Cycles

    The Contact Us page has been updated.We started telephone service in late 2012. Prior to this we were using email only. Recently the calling volume has increased to the point where this service will only be available to dealers, bike shops and vendors. I need to devote my time to the internet business.
All other inquiries will need to be via eMail only.
Our Store hours will now be on Saturdays from 10-3pm.
Other hours are for Dealers and Bike Shops.
We do not do repairs.
We are an Internet based company.

Toronto Cycles Anodizing Services

    Due to time issues and the complex nature we will no longer be doing outside anodizing on used items. These items need many hours in stripping and prep work making it not cost effective. However, we will do runs on new production, preferably 7000 series aluminum.
    Titanium anodizing is still ok as not as involved. We will still be doing our own items as normal.