Wednesday, April 30, 2014

USA Distributor Wanted!

    We are looking for a USA trading partner / distributor. International too!
There are a few base requirements and would be more into a mutual business deal with an existing business that offers product lines. Please feel free to contact me on this if in the USA but please let me know some information first (Please via email and not as anonymous comment):

1. Any online sales you currently preform and/or active eBay accounts or websites.
2. Product lines you currently carry.
3. Existing business operations and experience, particularly website and shipping.
4. Financial situation for investing and purchase.
5. Location

    I'm looking mostly for a business that sells alternate products than what I currently carry and has stock on hand for sale and trade. Good communication, customer service, common sense and work ethic are requirements. Able to assist in cross border trade and help me with some packages from the USA on occasion. 
    I cannot do drop shipping and items must be purchased directly or trade.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aest Superlight Magnesium Pedals / Titanium Axles

Toronto Cycles AEST Pedals
Toronto Cycles has a full selection of AEST platform pedals in a wide variety of colors. These have been well reviewed on many forums and seems to be quite favorable.

Toronto Cycles AEST Spindles    The body on the unit to the right and are magnesium these have 3 sealed ball bearings and spin effortlessly. There's an O-ring on the inside to help prevent road dirt from entering the bearing. Aluminum lock nut and black anodized end cap. Dis-assembly is very easy and only takes a few minutes. As you can see on the scale these weight 78 grams each. 
Toronto Cycles Magnesium PedalsHere's another popular pedal. This is the BiG pedal and has the largest platform that AEST makes. The version on the left has Gold Titanium axle available only at Toronto Cycles
TorontoCycles Anodized Titanium Spindles

We also offer axles in titanium anodizing and have all replacement parts on hand. At this time we do not have the steel axle units but should get some axles in the future. AEST has really been making some nice stuff lately. The pricings are great and it's hard to beat this quality for the cost. We will post a review on the 2014 hubs and also do a few wheel builds when the titanium spokes are finished.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anodized Titanium Spokes

We were considering titanium spokes.
    For me to do these it would be a few months away and I would have to do some testing first and a few wheel builds. They would also be in anodized colors, black titanium and rainbow colors. The weight should be about 3 grams each (Depending on length) and would save half the weight over steel. I've never used ti spokes and have heard they work fine but give a bit more spongy feel to the ride.

 I was looking for some comments on this and any ideas for new items you might have.
Photo from

Do any of you feel there is a need or desire for these? 

Have you ever owned ti spokes?

Thanks for any suggestions on this venture. There really isn't much information on there and want to feel the market first.