Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aest Superlight Magnesium Pedals / Titanium Axles

Toronto Cycles AEST Pedals
Toronto Cycles has a full selection of AEST platform pedals in a wide variety of colors. These have been well reviewed on many forums and seems to be quite favorable.

Toronto Cycles AEST Spindles    The body on the unit to the right and are magnesium these have 3 sealed ball bearings and spin effortlessly. There's an O-ring on the inside to help prevent road dirt from entering the bearing. Aluminum lock nut and black anodized end cap. Dis-assembly is very easy and only takes a few minutes. As you can see on the scale these weight 78 grams each. 
Toronto Cycles Magnesium PedalsHere's another popular pedal. This is the BiG pedal and has the largest platform that AEST makes. The version on the left has Gold Titanium axle available only at Toronto Cycles
TorontoCycles Anodized Titanium Spindles

We also offer axles in titanium anodizing and have all replacement parts on hand. At this time we do not have the steel axle units but should get some axles in the future. AEST has really been making some nice stuff lately. The pricings are great and it's hard to beat this quality for the cost. We will post a review on the 2014 hubs and also do a few wheel builds when the titanium spokes are finished.


  1. These would look great with Anodized Colored Titanium M4x5 None Taper Screws!!!. for Upgrade/Replacement Pedal Pins. Most Pedals use M4 Sizing as far as I know But some do not. PS: Just a suggestion!!!.

  2. The pins on these are actually pressed and not threaded. I'll have to look into threading and and a replacement kit.

    1. Sorry my mistake! And Threading The holes is a good idea Tom.

  3. Will the Exustar Aluminum Pedal Dust Cap Set W/14mm Dia. possibly fit These AEST CNC BIG Platform Pedals? I already have a set of these caps and they did fit on a pair of Forte Platform Pedals So I though maybe they might possibly fit These Pedals as well.

  4. Yes, I just tried the Exustar caps on the AEST pedals and fit fine.


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