Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anodized Titanium Spokes

We were considering titanium spokes.
    For me to do these it would be a few months away and I would have to do some testing first and a few wheel builds. They would also be in anodized colors, black titanium and rainbow colors. The weight should be about 3 grams each (Depending on length) and would save half the weight over steel. I've never used ti spokes and have heard they work fine but give a bit more spongy feel to the ride.

 I was looking for some comments on this and any ideas for new items you might have.
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Do any of you feel there is a need or desire for these? 

Have you ever owned ti spokes?

Thanks for any suggestions on this venture. There really isn't much information on there and want to feel the market first.


  1. they look well and also the weight saving bonus is great but I am affraid of that titanuim springiness

  2. Some use butted Ti as the next extreme weight savings step after 1.5 mm steel spokes but from what I've read they make a less stiff wheel. I see them being more useful for a 32 spoke mountain bike wheel than a low spoke count road wheel. Those look like non-butted spokes which probably will be stiff enough for most people, especially for wheels with many spokes where the color is more important than the weight.

  3. pls make return springs for the KCNC brakes, no shop have this ^^ When its broken, you can buy a new brake for 120$. Or never never never ever KCNC! :-(

    1. That's a 2.5mm diameter steel rod that's bent is all (Perhaps you can make one). In the future I think I will make in titanium. I can sell one to you from a new kit but would be more costly.


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