Thursday, January 30, 2014

A2z Floating Disc Brake Rotors

A2z Floating Disc Brake Rotors Are Here!
The aluminum center will dissipate heat from the rotor surface more effectively and gives a great look to usually dull rotors.

The DOT Design has very efficient cooling holes.
In the future look out for other designs.
The small hole design gives maximum braking combined with best cooling.
160mm and 180mm are available in the website in 4 colors:
Gold, Red, Black and Blue. All are in stock.
The 203mm Floating Rotors will be released shortly.
160mm Rotor = 92 grams

Monday, January 27, 2014

Titanium Anodizing...Adding Green and Pink

I have developed the process for Green and Pink titanium.
It is an extra charge as the process is more complicated.
In addition other colors are more enhanced and have further depth from a similar process.
Below is a photo of items I have anodized and the colors that can be produced. I have many questions on anodizing and I will try and post more information on this in the future.

Also we have some titanium torx drive taper head bolts. Some customers have requested and I am slowly working on this.

Welcome to Toronto Cycles

To keep customers updated and also to review products we are opening:
The Toronto Cycles Blog!

Here will be more information about products and services.
I will do my best to update and answer comments and questions.
Comments are always welcome!