Thursday, January 30, 2014

A2z Floating Disc Brake Rotors

A2z Floating Disc Brake Rotors Are Here!
The aluminum center will dissipate heat from the rotor surface more effectively and gives a great look to usually dull rotors.

The DOT Design has very efficient cooling holes.
In the future look out for other designs.
The small hole design gives maximum braking combined with best cooling.
160mm and 180mm are available in the website in 4 colors:
Gold, Red, Black and Blue. All are in stock.
The 203mm Floating Rotors will be released shortly.
160mm Rotor = 92 grams


  1. I placed an order for 2 of these A2z Floating Rotors 160mm: In Color Gold!. And I have to say these are very nice and lite weight with a very nice looking finish!. These DOT Design Rotors are worth there price and perform very well. The Rotor bolts are also included. I have been purchasing products from Toronto Cycles for a while now and I'm pleased with every purchase so far!.

  2. This is an Update for the above Comment I wrote for These Rotors! I have been running them with The AEST CNC Dual Piston Brake System! And The Performance is Grand!. I have to say The AEST System looks good and is also very lite in Weight also. The Brake System in combination with The Dot Rotors perform great together! Although I did have to purchase a set of 4 Aluminum Washers here at Toronto Cycles to raise up the Brake Caliper about 1mm to prevent Rubbing of The outer Disc and the inner caliper But that's No big deal at all Sometimes You have To do a Little Modification to achieve proper performance!. You have to remember The Brake calipers are CNC Machined and are an exact sizing for a tight and compact fit. I'm very well pleased with The AEST Brake System and Dot Rotors. So if Your a Cry baby about weight like Me and Want a nice braking System Then I Would Highly recommend this Combo they work very well together!!!. Toronto Cycles is The Only Web Site that I have found that has Quality Titanium and Race Parts for Bikes other than One that I have seen but have Outrages Prices for Their Boutique Components and Tom always does a great job with Sales Receipt To Email within One to Two days at the latest after placing an Order(s)!.

  3. I just installed Two A2z Full CNC SPV 203mm Rotors in color Red. They roll nice and Straight with no wobble at all. I secured The Rotors Using M5x10 None Taper Titanium Bolts In Anodized Gold. They look great and Perform well.


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