Saturday, November 21, 2015 vs.

Edge Engineering Inc.  Vs. 
    Mr. Gary Hickman, on the behalf of Edge Engineering Inc. has come forward claiming past ownership from 2007 from a dissolved corporation. I will be posting a page on this blog to store information of this and all claims to this website domain. In my opinion this is an elaborate corporation scam. We will leave this open for comments on this blog and Facebook.
    This is not the first company to lay claim onto this domain over the past 3 years and has caused significant damage to our small business. In this article I will discuss EdgeCNC. In the future I will discuss the .co conflict, some customers have mentioned. Email Correspondence and Government searches will also be posted on a page in our blog for future references. I'm tired of constantly doing searches, sending to people and nothing in response or rude attacks.
    The claim Edge is making is very broad and is claiming full entitlement to all things relating to 3+ companies it seems, none of which shows he owns any trademarks, corporations, patents, copyrights. Currently he has hired a Lawyer to keep up the pressure on the behalf of a dissolved corporation. Click the page link to the left for eMail chain and documents....some good business tips too!
    Lets' legally consider this and assume for argument he has a claim and owned the corporation. The main problem happens legally is the corporation is dissolved. Dissolved means finished, done, cannot attack, cannot defend, no more. Before I used this name I did a sweeping search and saw this corporation was dissolved. The domain was purchased, no trademarks, patents or copyrights were found so were good to go. One could argue to get the permission of the past owner, however this is not possible since the past owner is a dissolved corporation and does not exist. This must be clearly public to avoid confusion and scams and is covered by corporation laws. If the name Precision Billet was held by this corporation it cannot sue as it does not exist in a legal capacity to move to court. Corporations are their own separate legal entity and a private person cannot sue on the behalf of a corporation. My guess is a corporation costs money in filings and this company was too cheap to pay or was hoping for a future scam as in this case. Myspace was created from a disbanded corporation and website.
   The scam part is where one opens a corporation or business, dissolves that business and releases necessary business requirements to the public domain. Normally the dissolution occurs from bankruptcy, failure to pay taxes or fees, lawsuits or poor overall business. The person bounces around into other names and dissolves. As soon as a party uses but most importantly makes the name valuable (Such as we have by running a good business) the scammer pops up claiming this and try to seize or sue. The scammer will never respond to legit questions and only threaten with lawyers. The scammer will not provide documents or any proof as in this case, legal or not. There are clear corporate laws against this practice.
    Another reason I can see is based upon past attacks to obtain the domain name. A company choose to use the .co extension many years after our domain was in use and now thinks this is a bad idea. After I refused a lowball offer or $250.00 for the domain the attacks started up.  Of course the company doesn't directly attack so this is only an educated guess. 
     Let it be clear that we purchased about 8 years ago and has been in full use since that time. After many hours of research I see nor have ever seen trademarks, patents, active corporations, proof of past ownership nor any legal basis to make claims against this domain name. All searched have resulted in nothing at all or dropped. We have all proper paperwork and proof of legal ownership. A bit of research would show this. Perhaps other companies want this name since we make some of the best cnc parts in the world and we have been highly recognized for our replacement parts and aluminum anodizing.
    All future claims and communication will be posted publicly so we don't need to remain anonymous. I have heard about this several times publicly so hopefully this will clear the waters. Claims have also been laid out onto other companies and they should have notice for the coming business attacks.

    I will keep this open for discussion on Facebook and the Blog...have any ideas on this? Comments? Let us know!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Anodizing Tip: Black Tracking in Anodized Aluminum

      Anodizing is prone to certain issues especially with lighter colors. One of the key problems is black tracking on parts especially when the aluminum contains copper (7000 series). Below I posted a photo of a gold derailleur I did last week, 7,000 series aluminum. 
I was able to virtually eliminate the tracking issue by dipping in a weak solution of nitric, rinsing with a strong blast of hot water and repeating a few times.
In addition I remove cathodes after every run and use desmut to clean all traces of copper from the tank.
Nitric is about the only acid that will attack copper and this is a major cause of black streaks