Monday, May 19, 2014

Aluminum Anodizing Dyes

Toronto Cycles is now offering Aluminum Anodizing Gear.
    We have a full selection of high quality U.S. Specialty dyes. These dyes have been great and are all we use now. In the past we had issues with some runs of anodizing but have seen a drastic improvement in quality and color depth using these dyes, also experience pays off. The nickel sealant is great and also saves quite a bit of energy by reducing heat and time for a full seal. The derailleur to the right is pink dye and Black BK Super.

  Titanium Wire and Anodes are now for sale. Titanium is a great anode, it will last a very long time (Mine has been 6 years now). In a month or so we will be offering anodizing clips and racks. Attaching the parts can be a problem and racking clips is a great solution. Don't forget to check our website for anodizing tips and future products!

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