Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A2z DM-UNI Rear Disc Brake Adapters

The DM-UNI from A2z Components is an adapter that allows conversion of a disc brake to non disc brake frames. Here at Toronto Cycles we have these in anodized colors. The anodizing is done in house since the company only makes in black. Since so many requests have come in for colors we decided to start anodizing. We also have a titanium bolt upgrade kit to shave off a few extra grams.

This is suitable for an average 8mm thick, flat style dropout. It needs to be flat on both sides. The DM-UNI then sandwiches over your frame and creates an IS Mount. - No drilling into your frame. Still uses a standard QR Skewer. Must have a vertical dropout. Not for Hope BigUn or some Specialized unless the dropout is totally vertical.
A2z also makes many other types of disc brake conversion kits, Titanium Skewers and Hubs. We have the entire collection in stock on the 
Toronto Cycles Adapters Page

Here are the specs from the A2z Website: http://www.a2zcomponents.com/
- Retrofits ?tab-less? bikes with current disc brake systems
- No need to buy a new bike!
- No need to have special disc hub - fits most brands on the market
- Very easy to install - in just a few seconds
- Easy to put on/off your rear wheel as usual. No extra adjustments needed
- 100% CNC machined

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