Friday, December 23, 2016

Titanium Security Bolts - Anti Theft Hardware

    As we all know bike parts can be valuable and in a city like Toronto there is a fair chance your parts will get robbed. Toronto is often considered the bike stealing capitol of North America. I have had several customers that have had seats and posts stolen, wheels and one lost his stem and bars. One customer went in a shop for coffee and took 5 minutes to loose his post which was about a $400.00 loss. So I have started making ti anti theft bolts and will be expanding into 2016. These are impossible to remove without the tool.
    These use an allen key or a small screwdriver will work in the side hole. No special tools are needed. We will not sell just the tool unless you have purchased before and have lost. The is to keep possible thieves from obtaining.
These will hold more torque than a standard bolt but due to the nature of this item I cannot warranty against breakage. Please tighten by hand. The tool is hardened steel. The bolts are grade 5 titanium.

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