Saturday, March 22, 2014

Precision Billet Rear Derailleurs

    Toronto Cycles is soon to be releasing the 
153 gram vintage Precision Billet derailleur that has been on the website for some time. I have had many requests for the complete unit and have recently put some time aside on this. This is actually an exact copy of the vintage Precision Billet that was sold many years ago except there is no steel. This is a short cage derailleur and has standard ratios. Because of the design these won't work with too large of a top gear as the pulley can hit the gear on the cassette.  Some units will have ceramic pulleys made by AEST.

    I've used mine on a 10 speed and and 8 speed with no issues. Took a bit to break in and had to play with adjustments until it was dialed in.Complete weight of unit below is 153 grams. One of the lightest derailleurs in the world. All parts on this are Aluminum hardware or Titanium hardware. The release on these will be around April 1st. Sales on these will be very limited. I don't have that many parts on hand so a maximum of about 40 for the time being. 
  Each unit will be sold as per the photo posted and the colors I have made. No special coloring this time around. No custom orders.  Since this is a prototype for future production I can only sell to understanding people that have a more advanced knowledge of repairs and modifications. Will require phone contact. I need feedback / Reviews and am more inclined to this type of sale (No freebies though). Sorry to be so difficult but this is not a plug and play type item.

    I might add a video if I have extra time of this in action. Spare parts will be only available to customers that have purchased the full unit. If I run out of a part I cannot produce more units.

Please leave a comment with any questions or suggestions.
I will update this post soon.
Precision Billet
Precision Billet Website


  1. Launch date on April Fool's Day? Shirley you're not toying w/ us! ;-) Looks like a sick RD. If rebuild kits are going to be available/"in the pipeline", I might have to see how they handle the viciousness of road salt!

  2. Why the Mk 1 design and not the newer Mk 2 design?

    1. The MK2 series is in production and am hoping to complete by summer time.
      We are also making a long cage version and carbon accessories.

    2. This sounds good!
      I hope it gives a possibly for german bikers to buy one.

    3. I can always sell internationally but on this item would require tracking and from Canada is over $50.00.

    4. Ok, but it is the only possibly to get one.

      Perhabs in the summer i buy one Mk 2.


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