Monday, March 3, 2014

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Recent Updates:
Toronto Cycles is now carrying anodizing equipment and supply. We have dyes from US Specialty and are bringing in titanium wire and anodes.

Titanium Frames will be added shorty and are at a great price. The frame to the right is for MTB application. It has both disc mount and standard studs.

Starting in March 2014, HST will be applied to all in store orders.

I will do my best to update and answer comments and questions. 

I might also be starting production on the derailleurs by mid 2014 release.


  1. You guys there have a good range of products, and the items I bought, are an M10 titanium length that the normal titanium fastener sites do not have. Your consistence of customer service also already outshines some of the smaller online companies, and I just thought I would do the favor of letting you know what strengths you can make even more use of and have great business from as a thank you for the great business done. Thank you much.

  2. I've been searching around the internet for about an hour, looking for low profile bottle cage bolts. Ideally black and titanium. I could find them around, but only at ridiculous prices and etc.
    I came across your site, found exactly what I was looking for and pressed add to cart.
    I saw it was a Canadian site and assumed the postage would be $1000 internationally, as every other site on the internet seems to be, but nope. $5 postage, reasonable item price, no bs checkout process (straight to paypal), and it's done. I just wanted to give you guys this feedback saying your sites design and end user process is sweet.


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