Friday, February 28, 2014

Black Titanium Hardware

    Here at Toronto Cycles we carry Black Titanium Hardware and Bolts.
Black Titanium is produced by Physical Vapor Deposition. Like most ways to anodize titanium it is very environmentally friendly. Black is a Physical process meaning it is an applied coating and not done as standard titanium anodizing. Without being too technical: Parts are placed in a vacuum chamber and heated. Plasma will vaporize material and is then deposited onto the titanium.

    As many of you know it's very hard to paint or powder coat titanium. Where PVD is different is in the bonding, it will basically fuse the coating onto the titanium.
    The coating is very durable and will not fade or chip. It is more expensive though as the process required expensive equipment.
    We do anodizing in house but black titanium bolts are special order and I can only have done in bulk. I cannot do custom or outside anodizing in black. We are also expanding further into black so please watch out for new additions and ideas are always welcome.


  1. Maybe you should make some Black Brake Mount Torx Bolts specificly M6 x 16mm available in your catalog because I wanted some for present order today.Darel H. Porter in Reno Nevada

  2. I think with an availability of Black M6 x 16mm Disc Brake Mount Torx bolts would be an wonderful addition to your great catalog "Line-Up".

  3. Agreed...When i have these made again in raw titanium I will have half made in black.


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