Friday, February 14, 2014

Point One Racing

We are happy to announce that Toronto Cycles are dealers for Point One Racing and have a selection of products to be posted on the Website! Lets have a look at some of the cool items they have to offer.

Lightest Headset Spacers in the World:
The Nano Second Spacer. Super light and they did a wonderful job on the machining and finish. These are machined to very exacting tolerances to fit perfectly over an 1 1/8" fork tube.

§  5 mm: 1.1 g
§  10 mm: 1.9 g
§  20 mm: 3.7 g
§  30 mm: 5.1 g

We will be updating this page over the next week so come back soon :)


  1. Will these be available in Color options?

  2. At this time the company only has black. I will request to see if they can do in colors.


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