Tuesday, February 11, 2014

AEST Brake Levers and Accessories

Toronto Cycles are distributors for AEST Bicycle products. AEST has some really nice items at great prices. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some of the items they have and some custom work we do at Toronto Cycles.

2 Finger design with 92mm leverage
A Chain Ring bolt is used for the lever clamp.
56g for the pair including all hardware.
These have an extra pair of aluminum nuts.
Lever End to Pivot= 92 mm
Bar Clamp Diameter:= 22.2 mm

Purple and Pink AEST Brake Levers - Custom Hardware
The photo below shows a custom set of levers we have made here.

 I have has many requests for purple and pink levers. The photo above is anodized here to be purple. I might be performing this in the near future but will have an extra cost since I need to re-plate. The hardware I have swapped with upgraded aluminum parts. These parts I will also post as an upgrade as some AEST levers have non matching hardware (Blue levers and red hardware). The weight is slightly reduced with the adjusting bolts. The nut for the lever is titanium and the actual bolt is aluminum. The 2 gold adjusters are the same as the Shimano derailleur adjusters.

Overall these levers are a really great buy to give a cool retro look. 

These brake systems are also a very good buy and are similar to KCNC but at a lower cost. I will be doing these in custom colors and also release an upgrade kit that will shave quite a bit of weight by using Aluminum and Titanium hardware to replace the steel.  


  1. I have a set of these Levers and they work great! Although I upgraded The Aluminum Chain Ring Nuts and Bolts to Titanium! I purchased Two extra long Titanium Chain Ring Nuts 10.5mm long and Two extra long Titanium Granny bolts 12mm Total length and a couple of copper washers about 1.5mm thick So that the levers would return easily and quickly! This also solves any issues with Stripping the aluminum chain ring bolts that come with the AEST levers. I stripped the original Red colored chain ring bolt that mine came with. Now I have No issues with stripping The Titanium set! These Levers work Great! with Mechanical Disc Brakes and are very lite in weigh.

  2. Do you plan to sell the newer version AEST brake levers?

    1. In the future I will. For now I just placed a large order for the pedals and pulleys.


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