Monday, August 11, 2014

Anodize World Anodizing Dyes

    Aluminum Anodizing is a bit of a specialty that we have been working with more recently. Many walk in customers have asked about our anodizing services and dyes hanging on the walls. Anodizing is a bit of a mystery to people that don't know the process. It's quite different from the titanium anodizing we do. is one of our new websites that will focus on this. Aluminum anodizing is quite complicated and the site will talk more in detail on this. We have been doing some walk in anodizing jobs recently but is difficult on used items and takes quite a bit of preparation. The website will take a bit of time to complete.
    Anodizing Dyes are available in powder form and have been working with steady results. The powder sealant is nickel acetate. Anodes are all titanium and will last a lifetime. Paintball guys have been working with us and we have some guys that will do splash and special effects on bicycle parts.
     If your Starting on anodizing and run into problems don't be discouraged. It took years to get steady results and we are always learning, especially from our customers.

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